Chained to the Desk, Phone, Laptop. . .

I've had a lot on my mind lately--and it didn't help that this week my office started summer hours, where I go in earlier in the mornings (but we get to leave early on Fridays). It started with an e-mail last Friday from the fairly new director of my program at school. That would be the woman who refuses to talk to me on the phone and at the same time is not good with e-mail communication. Her e-mail told me that the school librarian at the high school where I applied for my field experience asked that I call her, presumably just to speak with me prior to accepting me for placement. Fine, I was expecting that from the discussion I'd had in late November with the professor who is the placement coordinator (Prof. D.).

So I called her at the beginning of this week, and it turned out she hadn't received any of the materials I'd done for my application, and that she wanted to meet with me in person. Once I finally got her e-mail right, I sent those out and crossed my fingers hoping that my intro letter played up my strengths and downplayed my lack of experience (something that makes me feel very insecure). I followed up with her about meeting her because I wanted to do that while she was still in school.

I will be flying out of the parking lot when work is over tomorrow, so I can meet with her. She said she has about a 40 minute window (which IMO should be plenty of time) to talk because she plans to be done at 3:00. O.K. with me. I'm having the usual interview-type anxiety, and on top of that, what am I going to wear??? I had a credit at one of the stores in the mall, so I went over on my lunch hour and picked out a pair of pretty earrings I'm hoping scream, "Responsible, intelligent, teacher material, right here." Or just make me look gorgeous--I'd settle for that. I just have to be careful that my entire outfit doesn't scream, "Interview!!!" because I have to go to work first.

At the same time, my mentor-of-sorts, who has not had a student placed with her before, has been playing phone tag with Prof. D.--who in turn sent me an e-mail that hints at "gloom-and-doom" regarding the viability of this placement. I guess she's concerned about the fact that I would be the first student placed there. I think it could be a great opportunity for both of us, but I just kept it neutral and encouraged Prof. D. to make the phone call happen.

In the meantime, speaking of making phone calls happen, Prof. D. asked for my number so she could go over with me what the field experience entails. 'Cause I don't know what my requirements will be at all. Will I be graded? On what? I had been planning to go to the local art-movie theater because they're showing Hitchcock on Thursdays this month, but I had the feeling that if I left home she'd call. Additionally, my group project is due tonight. I think it's done, but not everyone has reviewed it yet, meaning there's no consensus. So I'm monitoring the discussion board on that, waiting for a phone call that might not happen, and fretting about what I'll be wearing tomorrow.

And did I mention that after I'm done meeting with High School Librarian, I'm going to my parents' to help get things together for the yard sale I'm doing Saturday? And I don't know if anyone can lend me a table (or two) yet? And it's supposed to top 90 degrees on Saturday? (That's ten whole degrees hotter than today!) Man, I hope I sell out by noon.

Well, I didn't get to the movies tonight, but maybe next week I will. Luckily, I have a back-up plan to stimulate my mind: writing. Yup, I got a little more done (at the office--it's the calm before next week's storm) and I'm going to transfer it over to the iMac and expand it. Right after I decide on my outfit and check the discussion board for the millionth time.


Lizzie said…
Good luck this afternoon! I'll be praying for you.:)

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