Right Place, Right Time.

If my mom hadn't invited me to stop by for dinner after my haircut, and if I hadn't accepted the invite, I wouldn't have run into my mentor-of-sorts (who lives next door to my parents). She told me that the problems with the placement for my field experience (which seemed doooooomed last Friday) are on their way to being resolved and we're back on course. Yay. And yay that it reminded me I hadn't sent a thank-you note to the high school librarian from Friday, which I did tonight--and copied Prof. D. (in hopes she will realize she did not call me yesterday as promised. . . ). Is it just me, or is everybody a day behind in trying to get things done?

Don't forget--get in your questions before Friday if you'd like to get in on the Friday Five Special Edition. I've got two so far thanks to Nightfly and Ashley, so if you'd rather find out what you wanna know instead of what I'm gonna tell you, post or e-mail me.

Edited 06/11/2008 to add: Technically, Ashley left me two, and now WordGirl has left two--so come on and mess with this Libra--give me a serious case of indecision with all your questions.


Lizzie said…
I'm working on something really good, here, Kate. It's just not quite a mature idea yet.
Kate P said…
Oh my gosh, I'm in for it now, aren't I??? :)

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