Good News and Bad News

The Good News: After receiving the thank-you e-mail I sent, the high school librarian wrote me back and said she was looking forward to having me--and that she had big plans for me. I guess I'd better not let my brain atrophy over the summer.

The Bad News: We had a really bad thunderstorm last night in this area--trees down and power out for some homes. This morning they had a little graduation ceremony for the fourth graders at my nephew's elementary school (I guess it's good news that he passed fourth grade, so yay! to that), but his Social Studies teacher didn't show up. The principal immediately knew something was wrong and he called the police.

Apparently, when the power went out last night, the teacher and her husband started a generator, but for some reason they had it inside their home. (My dad guessed it was to run the air conditioning.) The husband died from CO2 inhalation and the teacher was airlifted to the hospital. The school is upset, the students are upset, the parents are upset. It's really sad. So if you could just say a prayer/have good thoughts for the family and the school, I'm sure they'd appreciate it.


Lizzie said…
Too bad about your nephew's teacher. Those kinds of things just shouldn't happen. Congratulations on the good impression you made at the HS!
Ashley said…
Oh, how awful. That's so sad.
nightfly said…
That's lousy news. Condolences to your nephew and his teacher.
Nina said…
Good news: career reassurance is always great.

Bad news: oh, no. Sorry to hear that. There is a generator out at my brother's place and I guess we need to learn more about how it works.
Kate P said…
Thanks, you guys. And Nina--just don't let anybody run it in an enclosed space. The news that came out today said the generator was brought in to keep refrigerators running. Better to let the food go bad than create a dangerous situation.
Dang! That's AWFUL! It seems like everyone needs to have a basement or at LEAST keep their heads down this year.
Kate P said…
You said it, THS--have we hit our quota yet?

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