On Second Thought

Maybe I am a little evil for ticking off a seller at this site, where I buy most of my schoolbooks (yeah, stick it to the overpriced school bookstore!) and the occasional light reading. I had purchased a used non-fiction book recommended by Arwen that contained some recipes referenced in the chapters, and when I received it I realized that the former owner had brought the book into the kitchen to try them out, because the cover was a little cruddy and some pages were dog-eared. It wasn't in the condition promised.

So I left a neutral rating and said the book was grungy and needed to be wiped off. It’s the only non-positive rating I’ve ever left, and I didn’t do it lightly--I was specific about what I was unhappy about. I rated it neutral, not negative. So what does the seller do? Leave whiny, untrue feedback for me (claiming I was unfair and didn’t read that they said “as-is”--uh, no, actually, the description said “like new” and “excellent condition.” Baloney)--but gave me a positive rating! No damage done to me!

Whatever. (Or "whatevs," as tracey is wont to say.) You got paid your five bucks, you lying seller, so be on your merry way. Or sour way, if you want. And clean your darn books off before you ship them next time.


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