The Weekend, and Where I Am Now

Saturday night I cantored for Mass. It's not my parish but they are really nice. I mean, I lost my place twice during the Communion hymn (I think I got thrown off--my dad said he made a mistake while he was playing), but the people kept singing. And some people came up afterwards and said I did a good job. I know I'm hard on myself, but it is a paid job and I just know I usually do better. I just felt "off." (Residual creep jitters from the previous night?) My mom also came, so we went to dinner afterwards here. My dad had never been there before. He enjoyed his mushroom pizza very much.

Sunday was a catch-up day at home, including an added chore of cleaning up about a cup of oatmeal that spilled out when the lid came off as I took the container from the cabinet. I'm never buying store brand again. Took a card and some presents (aftershave, honey roasted peanuts) over to my parents' and had burgers with them.

In the middle of all that, my aunt (yes, that aunt) was going manic cleaning out her closets in anticipation of a house guest and made several phone calls demanding I come over that evening to try on clothes she was giving away. O.K., I did want to see the clothes, and I understand Father's Day doesn't mean anything to her (I'm guessing she didn't call my grandfather), but could I please watch my dad open his presents and finish my coffee, woman???

It was a sweltering 100 degrees in the upstairs hallway where I had to try on the clothes (full length mirror is there), and she doesn't know I'm trying to lose the "grad school ten"--but I held my own and fit into quite a few things (phew). At one point she said, "You're not as small as I thought you were." THANKS. The thing is, I'm petite; she's not. I'm broad shouldered; she's broad hipped. We're not even the same body type. So anything long in the waist is not gonna zip, and a lot of sleeves/hems are too long. And then there's the stuff that has been around for a couple decades now and should just be retired. In the end, though, I came away with three dresses, some sweaters, a pair of pants, a purse to match one of the dresses, and this amazing never worn blue top and skirt that have some sort of embroidered organza overlay or something. It was a shock to be able to zip the skirt, and the top--well, of course my aunt said it "always had been too big" for her. . . but no tailor would touch it. Score. They were originally over $100 each and she got them on clearance. I can't wait for the occasion to wear them. And if I can maintain some semblance of my resolve to get the grad school ten off, they will look even better.

Tonight I got my final grades for the quarter--A's in both courses. Yay! My GPA went up an entire one-hundredth of a point. Beyond that. . . I don't know. I feel a bit in-between right now. It's weird not to have to submit a paper or comment on a mountainload of reading. I haven't heard back from Prof. D. about my field experience for the Fall. Trying not to think about it but I really would like it settled. I'm still working on a major (but tedious) project at work and don't get vacation until July 4. But I'm looking forward to that.

In the meantime, there are some little things to settle. My apartment hasn't recovered from finals yet. . . but I am just too weary to tackle it. I don't know what it will take to recharge, but I think I need to. Any suggestions to tide me over until vacation?


Lizzie said…
I giggled at the trying on clothes thing. My sister is TINY - petite and 110 lbs soaking wet. And I am ...uh... average? She gave me a pair of khakis once and when they fit me and I accepted them, she told me that those were her "up until 6 months pregnant" pants. Nice. Ah well, have to laugh. ;)
Anonymous said…
Dawn Eden's book is on my summer reading list. :)
Congrats on the grades. I'm still waiting on my forth class. The other three are A's.
Ashley said…

A's? You rock!!
Mr. Bingley said…
Congrats on the grades!
WordGirl said…
Do nothing until vacation. And don't apologize for it. A's! HOORAY!
Kate P said…
Lizzie--oh no, she didn't! My sister's not that bad but my aunt's a loose cannon. Nuclear.

A.C.22--You won't be able to put the book down! And congrats on your grades as well--what's your major?

Ashley--thanks, girlfriend! (And please don't tell me you lord your tininess over your sisters, you tiny thing.)

Bingley--thank you!

WG--do nothing? Well, not an option at the office, but. . . I probably could calculate how much I could get away with delaying at home. . .

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