Even If I Cook in My PJ's

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As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

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See? I'm a catch. . . for men in the 1930s. That explains a lot, doesn't it?

Actually, I just guessed at some of them--what I think I'd be like as a wife. I did check off the box that I tell risque/vulgar stories (but yes I do know the proper time and place). It's funny; even though I'm an introvert, when I get to my comfortable point in a group I can take risks. Like tonight in Pilates class. The instructor had this Morcheeba CD on, and for some reason the second track really grabbed my attention. The CD is short, so it repeats toward the end of class, and when the second track came up, I blurted it out.

Me: Does anybody else imagine drag queens lip-synching to this song?
Woman to my left: All of the songs!
Instructor: (face lights up) That would be awesome!
She then explained to us that she lived in New York for four years, and there was a restaurant/club called Lucky Chang's, where the "waitresses" really were drag queens. And she found some of them very convincing. Annnnd apparently they offered lapdances in addition to chinese cuisine. Huh. I don't think that's good for the digestion.

I might not be any slimmer but I definitely learned something tonight.


Mr. Bingley said…

As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Boy, that really emphasized the "belittling wife in public" stuff.
Maggie May said…
Eesh. I am a "poor" 1930s wife. I don't cook or sew enough, I guess, because I think my other answers were good! I think. Maybe not. Oh well.

Thanks for the fun!
Kate P said…
Bingley--were there a lot of alcohol-related questions in the husband's quiz?

MM--I was wondering if it's better to get a "poor" score. I think you'd pass the 2000s quiz, though!
WordGirl said…
Re: Lap-dancing drag queens -- yup. They seem to like that. [confused, "whatever" look]
Kate P said…
EXACTLY the same look everybody in the class had, WG!!!

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