Meme: 20 Questions

WordGirl say we could play along with her game!

1) If you could choose one career, regardless of your natural-born talents/station in life, what would it be?

Bestselling novelist.

2) Do you have a tattoo? If so, what is it? If not, would you get one? What would you get?

I do not have a tattoo. At this point I don’t think I want one, but I don’t think the door’s completely closed on the option. It would have to be really small and really meaningful, though.

3) Movie theater or DVD rental?

Depends on what the movie is, but honestly there are few I’d deliberately pay to see in the theater. It’s good in the context of dating and socializing—I’m meeting some former co-workers on Saturday for movies and dinner, in fact. But I also like the advantages that being at home gives me, like backing a scene up, putting on subtitles if I don’t catch the lines—watching the movie (digesting it) at my pace. I’ve been watching portions of Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont for the past three days. (Oh, all right, you caught me—it’s something I recorded on VHS. Might as well be an honest meme-er.)

4) What's your current pet peeve?

Oh, I’ve been stewing about this one for weeks now: “In Loving Memory Of.” Attached to a freaking car or posted on a firehouse sign or wherever it should not be. I could be way off, but I think the more appropriate phrase is “R.I.P.," or "Gone but not forgotten," even. You didn’t dedicate your ’89 Shadow or your firehouse sign to the person who died last week. I blame television shows where a cast member or staff member passed away during production, and the credits would have in the “in memory of” on there—they dedicated the show to the person. How hard is that to understand?

5) Fiction or non-fiction?

I have been reading way too much non-fiction lately, and serious stuff at that, so I’ve switched to humorous non-fiction. Fiction can be tough for me. I’m picky and I have a hard time suspending my disbelief and finding authors who write well about things and people I’m interested in (although I have read three in the Shopaholic series). As a teen I gave up on science fiction/fantasy and started writing my own, but now I realize I’d just rather be reading the YA subset—easier on the nerves.

6) What's your typical breakfast?

If I’ve made muffins (and I did last night—rhubarb!), then one of those and coffee at work. Otherwise, either a fruit and nut bar or (if time) cereal and almond milk. But regardless I always eat breakfast.

7) Vegetable you hate?

Cooked peppers—they don’t agree with me.

8) If you could magically play a musical instrument as well as a professional, what would it be?


9) Do you believe in luck?

I’ll use the word “luck” but most times I mean “providence.”

10)Are you overly concerned about your physique?

Probably more concerned than I should be. I was heavy most of my life, and while I'm not in terrible shape I’m not at my healthiest weight right now thanks to work and school, but I do feel self-conscious sometimes. I get a strong sense that people at work treat the better-looking people differently.

11)Cat or dog?

Cat overall, but love making a fuss over other people’s dogs.

12)Do you like manual labor?

I don’t mind it but darn I wish I could lift really heavy things.

13)If you are female, do you wear makeup?

Yes, but not a ton. At the very least I need undereye concealer or people will ask if I’m tired, no matter how well-rested I am. And playing with makeup can be fun sometimes.

14)(Male or female) Do you pluck or wax your eyebrows?

Pluck, sparingly. Mine are on the fuller side. I’ve had people fawn over my brows and say they wish they’d never plucked all theirs out. I have to thank one of my aunts for scaring me and my sister straight when we were kids.

15)What's your ultimate vacation?

Time spent in Barcelona, Rome and other parts of Italy, maybe Paris or London if I wasn’t homesick by then.

16)If you could retire to anyplace, regardless of money, where would you spend your twilight years?

Haven’t given any thought to that yet. Ask again later.

17)Who do you envy?

I have moments where I envy my sister—she’s taller, thinner, has more friends, makes more money, takes more trips—but at the end of the day, I can still beat her at Scrabble. Most of the time.

18)Do you wish you were filthy rich?

Only when the interest bill on my student loans comes (like yesterday) and when I see some of the elderly people at my church struggle to get up the stairs (wish I had money to install a lift or something).

19)Is your house clean and tidy or dirty and disorganized?

I’m going to save face and claim I can skip this on a technicality (no house). Seriously, I’m not a slob but finals time can render my place a study in entropy.

20)What do you miss about your twenties?

Probably only a few things: my first cat, (edit: she passed away) when I was 21; my friend who passed away when I was 26; my college mates who got married, started families, and fell off the face of the earth. And maybe having a LTR—haven’t really had anything like that since 29 and a half. That’s about it.

Have at it, if you like!


Anonymous said…
Oh I like this one!
I'm a political science major. My last classes to post were my most challenging classes, International Law and Symbolic Logic. Logic finally posted and I have an A.
Kate P said…
Excellent! You sound like a smart cookie. I loved political science my freshman year of college (great teacher and not just about poli-sci), but I struggled with logic.
WordGirl said…
HARP?! Wow...

And look at you, Miss Millionaire Do-Gooder! Awww, Kate's even cuter now!

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