Friday Five: A Preview

It occurred to me that I had meant to blog about my 15 year high school reunion from April, but that got a bit waylaid. I'm working on a few separate posts, so here are the reunion recaps' working titles, as this week's Friday Five.

1. Old and New Faces

2. Good Old "Liturgy"

3. Not the Good Old Art Room

4. Same Personalities, Different Reactions (to Me)

5. A Forgotten Tour

Sorry to be phoning it in somewhat today--work was especially trying this week and dealing with Princess Shortcut the Slacker had me near tears just about every night. But hopefully these posts will be interesting reads.


Lizzie said…
Hope your weekend is relaxing. Sounds like it's needed and deserved!
Nina said…
Get some rest!
Annie Coe said…
Hi Kate P. Thanks for coming to my blog and leaving comments. Have a good rest! :-).
Kate P said…
Thanks, ladies!
Kate P said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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