More Reasons I'm Not "Angelic"

I found this story pretty funny.

I was fully prepared to make a subordinate--who totally screwed up a document's tables and insisted she "didn't click anything" when the safeguard warning requires a user to click yes--spend hours restoring said document's tables. (She lucked out and we were able to finish the document in another application.)

Friday after work I will be peeling out of the office parking lot to meet with the high school librarian who might accept me for my field experience in the Fall. And I can't tell anybody why I'm speeding past them.

I'm a meanie for chasing the cat back into my apartment after she bolted down the hallway when I came back in from putting laundry in the dryers. (When will she realize that the apartment door does not lead to what's outside the patio door?)

It's the last official week of classes and I have a really bad case of senioritis (at least I think that's what it is--I'm done with lectures and tests after this!).

Edited to add: And I just agreed to join a bunch of my high school classmates in going to a very expensive downtown restaurant (where one of our classmates is executive chef) next month. I guess all of Saturday's yard sale proceeds will be reserved for that purpo$e.


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