The Fuzzy-Headed Friday Five

Thanks, A-Girls (Ashley and ArcheryChic22) for your well wishes. . . today was, well, a little better once I left work. My dad invited me to come to his office (and sometimes I feel so weird that I know hardly anyone whose parents haven't retired yet) and have lunch with him, so he could introduce me to the people at work. A lot of them already know Younger Sister because she went with him on their company trip in March to a nice tropical island. (Mom stuck around to help Older Brother's family with the arrival of the new baby.) Everyone I met was nice*, and yeah, I met Dad's boss--not as young as I'd thought he was, but his personality was exactly what I'd expected given the stories Dad tells. Not bad, just really straight-and-narrow.

The campus where Dad's office is located is interesting because it used to be a tire factory. Nope, I'm not kidding. In fact, prior to a fairly recent change in ownership, its name contained part of the factory's name. I still forget and refer to it by that name sometimes. The best thing is that it is very close to my parents' house, a major change from my dad's former commute to Delaware. Fewer tax headaches, too.

Speaking of headaches, that's part of what I'm dealing with lately. I think I'm just frustrated with work (I resent having a ton to do while the slackers cavort around, and the PTB's don't notice), and anxious about the (unsettled) future. (Not to mention that fantastic monthly occurrence which tends to make me a bit flaky/clumsy/moody.) So I'm trying to take it easy and do some things that might help me relax, such as. . .

1. (As I did last night) curl up with a good book. Finished that one and will be moving on to this which arrived today.

2. Exercise (but nothing crazy). Will be dragging myself out of bed tomorrow morning for yoga. This will be the first time I've been able to make it in a month. That will be good--I've known the teacher for a while and she has a very upbeat (but not goofy) personality. Just have to remember quarters for the parking meter--that tripped me up last time.

3. Play with the cat. Her new perch arrived today. It's interesting that she was all over it while I was assembling it, but now she seems a bit ambivalent. Maybe when I take away the old destroyed one, she'll warm up to the new one. A sprinkle of catnip probably wouldn't hurt, either.

4. Hang out with good people. I'll be getting together with a couple of former co-workers (L. and J.) tomorrow to see Get Smart. L.'s mom has been in the hospital this past week, and finally starting to do much better, so L.'s looking forward to some de-stressing laughs, too.

5. Go to bed early, and maybe dig out some alternative prayers/meditations before bedtime. I keep a few in my nightstand drawer so I can pick out something that suits my state of mind. I also have a journal in the drawer and sometimes I can scribble something out so it's not turning over and over in my mind while I'm struggling to fall asleep. (Did that last night, too.)

Hope everyone else has a relaxing weekend!

*As a side note, when we were eating lunch in the office's kitchen area, a fellow (young and good-looking) with a Slavic name and a slight accent came in with his lunch to watch the soccer/football highlights (there's a cable TV in the kitchen!). He sat with us while we ate, and the company trip came up, which led to talking about my sister who was remembered for her shoes (she brought the Fendi ones she bought in Rome in January) and how crazy it was that they were originally 800-some euros (not what she paid). Then he said it: "I would kill my girlfriend if she ever spent that much on shoes." Well, that figures.


I really want to see Get Smart--I hope you enjoy it!
Kate P said…
It was really funny and fast-paced, WS--our whole group liked it a lot!
Ashley said…
I was curious about Get Smart as well...looks pretty good!

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