Nobody Made Her Move to Virginia

Younger Sister is a bit envious right now because she would have to drive a bit to get to a Wawa for this event. (Catchy songs, aren't they?) Something tells me the sandwiches down south aren't quite in line with her standards. Of all the things she left behind, I'd say Wawa ranks right behind her kitty.

I don't want to be mean, so I won't be telling her that's what I got for dinner on the way home from my doctor's appointment today. (Just wanted to make sure everything's fine before I leave my job and who knows what kind of health insurance I'll have after that. Everything's fine. Actually, he even said I look really healthy. Yeah, I'm just exhausted.)

Well, I'm off to work on those questions for tomorrow's Friday Five. It's gonna be fun.


Ashley said…
Yum. Wawa.

(Rita's water ice? Great stuff, too.)

Looking forward to today's post!!
Kate P said…
A fellow Wawa lover, yay! As for Rita's--I'm warming up to it. It's still a little too sweet for me compared to the now closed mom-and-pop water ice place we frequented growing up.

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