Your Daily Dose of Non-Profundity

Anybody else having trouble with comments on Blogger yesterday? I promise I was reading everybody's posts, but by the time I could comment today I couldn't recall what I'd wanted to say. (Probably no loss, really. . . not feeling very prolific or profound lately.)

Work continues to wear me down. Heck, the anxiety of whatever's coming with my field experience is wearing me down. Not being able to talk about it? Almost feeling like a fraud? At the place where I spend most of my day? Yeah, this isn't fun. Vacation in a week and a half cannot come soon enough, I tell you.

But one thing I did to cheer myself up at work--and to give myself a break from staring at the lovely Access-based program I manage and have been updating nonstop for two weeks--was visiting here. Younger Sister gave me a framed (her handiwork) comic involving the beloved "little pink sock" one Christmas. (If you click on the "comics" icons beneath the profile you'll get the idea.) I haven't decided which wall it's going on yet. I probably have about half a dozen or so more things to hang up. After I do that, and file away all the school stuff (and it seems to be scattered everywhere right now), maybe I can start thinking about inviting some guests. I'm not much of a party-planner. Well, let's say I have my doubts about my ability in that area, but maybe it's just lack of experience and nerves. There are good reasons for the capital I leading off my Myers-Briggs temperament.

Speaking of Myers-Briggs, I came across some funny (but accurate) prayers for each type, courtesy of Julie D. at Happy Catholic. Perfectionist--my parents noticed it when I was five or six! Hey, I'll take all the grace I can get this week.


Anonymous said…
I had forgotten my type so redid the test. It didn't look right the first time so I did it again. The first time I got an E as the lead letter. The second time I got an I as the lead letter. Funny but that's about right. lol
Kate P said…
Yeah, I used to split down the middle on one of the other letters when I was in my teens/early 20s, but I seem to be a consistent INFJ now. Recommended job: librarian, natch.

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