The C-Note

In other words, the 100th post has arrived! Ashley just commemorated hers over at her little apartment by posting 100 things about herself. Wow. Um, I wouldn't know where to start. (And I did not know there were Catholic preschools around twenty-some years ago--mine was Lutheran.)

However, I would like to do something significant to mark this blogging milestone, so I have an idea. I'm going to loosen up the controls a little bit and let my blogfriends determine this week's Friday Five. And while I don't think people want to know 100 things about me, maybe there are at least a few things they wonder about.

So, how about it? This week's Friday Five will be the "Ask Kate P (Nearly) Anything edition." From tonight until Thursday at 10:00 p.m. (Eastern), you the blogreaders can post a question here in the combox or e-mail a question to me (see sidebar for address). Anything relating to me or about me or anything I've talked about on this blog, or whatever. The usual rules of decency and confidentiality (e.g. no asking me stuff like what my real name is, or where I live, or what am I wearing--ew!) apply.

I will choose five questions and post the answers sometime on Friday, so get your thinking caps on and start typing out your wonderings. Please don't be shy--go for it!


nightfly said…

Do you find that it's harder to post rather than simply commenting at all your regular stops - coming up with ideas and such? Or, do you find that posting keeps you from "IRL" writing (essays, fiction, etc.)?
Ashley said…
My preschool teacher wasn't even Catholic, but converted half way through the year. Interesting to try and understand as a 3 or 4 year old, right?

How about - how did you decide to go back to school?

Or - how does your faith affect your life?
WordGirl said…
How about.... somethin/someone totally out of character that you secretly like?

Or if you would ever get a tattoo (if you don't have one -- sometimes I think I'm the only person on Earth left uninked).
Kate P said…
These are all looking so good!!!

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