The Friday Five: Elsewhere

So I'm dreaming of faraway places this week. Definitely when I dropped 22 oz. of soda in the middle of the convenience store yesterday, I was ready to be somewhere else. So here are five places I would love to visit someday:

1. Barcelona. I've wanted to go since high school, particularly to see Gaudi's work.

2. Rome. Kinda obvious reasons. Younger Sister went in January and wants to go back (most likely for another pair of Fendi shoes).

3. California. I would love to see if I could find the neighborhood in San Diego where my mom lived for a few years when she was a kid. She always speaks of it wistfully.

4. Mexico. It's not technically a new place for me, but I didn't get to see everything in the two weeks I was in Mexico City.

5. The Bahamas. My aunt (yes, that aunt) has friends who moved there and it sounds like an interesting place. I like beaches.

I have no idea what my choices say about me.


I have heard amazing things about Barcelona recently, so it has definitely been added to my list!
Kate P said…
LOL, we all probably have lists, don't we? My cousin took his son to Barcelona a few years back, and I just drooled over the pictures. I think I was more fired up about it than they were, but I'm guessing the time they spent in Morocco might have overshadowed it.
tracey said…
I love Gaudi!! Amazing work.

Also -- What's the neighborhood in SD? Maybe I could help you out on that one. Lots has changed!

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