Still Working Things Out

My program advisor replied to the nice long e-mail I sent her. Of course right off the bat she misunderstood question #1 (proving my point about communicating solely via e-mail), but otherwise her response was adequate. She said her employer worked out a leave of absence with her. (My problem is, I don't know what I'd be returning to afterwards.) Gonna take another crack at my introductory letter tonight--just scribble everything out and cut down afterwards. I don't have time to be stuck anymore. It's due by the 15th.

We had pouring rain all day yesterday, and when I opened the (recently repaired) trunk of my car this morning to take the last two bottles of water from the case, I made a unsettling discovery. Underneath the case and a few other items in the trunk was a very wet trunk floor. Does that mean the seal was messed up when they fixed my trunk? Greaaaaat. Now what?

My mom called me to tell me that she saw my mentor-of-sorts today (they're neighbors)*, who told her that her FIL passed away over the weekend. Bummer. I knew he hadn't been doing well at Christmas, so it wasn't surprising news, but still sad. And I feel like a total heel b/c I'd just sent her an e-mail asking if she'd let me interview her for an assignment. She's been incredibly gracious about helping me, though. She mentioned to my mom that she'd gotten the e-mail but hadn't had the chance to respond yet. I'm not going to worry about it right now. I have a different assignment due for the class this week, anyway, and I may or may not have been nominated to lead the group project in the other class. But all that can wait until I get this darn application done, intro letter included.

These are such complicated times. I get tempted to think, "Well, good thing I'm not seeing anyone," but honestly--not to sound like a total codependent--when I think back to trying times in the past, I really benefited from having someone at my side then. Maybe it was also because I had more friends at the time as well, but I'm not sure. Well, in the present, I'm just going to have to make do with what I have. I am nothing if not resourceful.

*My word, does this post have enough hyphens and parentheses?


Ashley said…

Sometimes I feel like Mike is (forgive me, Lord) a bother when I have stuff to get done or when I want to be alone.

But truth is, he really supports me. (mostly. :))

Keep on trucking - you're an amazingly hard worker and I SO respect you for going back to school. That's amazing.
Kate P said…
Oh, Ashley, thanks very much. Most Mikes I know are "good people." :)
Amy Giglio said…
Maybe God's trying to get you to rely on Him more instead of other people. :)

Praying for you, Kate!
Kate P said…
What, rely on Him more? Isn't He sick of me from all that stuff in March? ;)
Amy Giglio said…
He never gets sick of you. Happy feast of St. Rita!
Kate P said…
You're such a sweetie, Amy. Yay St. Rita! The roses are starting to bloom around here, aren't they?

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