A Rather Tasty Friday Five

Well, Memorial Day is this coming Monday for those of us in the United States, and that means it's time to have a cookout. Mr. Bingley is getting started on some delicious stuff. I can't grill in my apartment community (well, maybe I could if I carted the grill over into the courtyard or something), but my parents will be grilling on Sunday. I'm invited (naturally) and I'm bringing dessert. I'm also going to try to make this beverage.

So for today's Friday Five I thought I'd talk about five of the things I like to enjoy at cookouts--just maybe not necessarily all at the same time.

1. Grilled hot dog. It's a totally different taste from when they're boiled on the stove.

2. Macaroni salad. My mom's recipe is good, and it is one of Younger Sister's most frequent requests.

3. Deviled eggs. When my Great-aunt E. was alive, she used to make tons of them for family parties. They go down easily.

4. Cole slaw. As long as it's not soupy, I'm happy. Cabbage is yummy.

5. Roasted marshmallows. I can't believe my parents used to let us use metal kabob skewers to roast them over the charcoal in the hibachi when we were kids. Well, we never set fire to anything. (Uh, at least not that way, anyway.)

If it's any consolation to those who don't eat meat, I'll be using a vegan recipe to make frosting for the brownies. And no cats will be harmed in the making of said brownies, unless a particular cat gets underfoot in the kitchen and I accidentally step on her. Well, some say cooking is an art, and sometimes suffering has to happen before you get art.

Or you could just sit on top of the refrigerator to be safe.

Here's to a lovely weekend and may there be no rainouts on your cookouts!


Mr. Bingley said…
You know, my Bride insists ion grilled hot dogs, and shanty irsih heathen that I am I really prefer boiled ones.

Oh well.

Hey, what time is your parents bbq on Sunday? we were thinking of maybe going to geno's for some cheese steaks for lunch after church, if you're free...
Kate P said…
I've got a little Irish heathen in me, too, that gets in the mood for the boiled ones. Boiled and grilled are like two completely separate food entities for me. Both good, but grilled is not as frequent an option, obviously. :)

As for Sunday--I think it's usually later in the day. Really, you might be coming around? I'll drop you an e-mail.

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