No, Thank You

Why don't the above words ever come to mind when my aunt starts in about, I don't know, how I should drive 40 minutes to hang around her friends' garden center to flirt with their employees?

Instead the wrong thing comes out and I wind up being cast as bitter and prejudiced. Lord have mercy.

I'm off to drown my sorrows in the mountain of macaroni salad my parents are stuck with because Older Brother canceled at the last minute (surprise). Too bad we can't ship some to Younger Sister and make her extra happy.


Lizzie said…
Hahaha. Love the set up efforts. It's really hard to be patient when it comes to stuff like that! My mom used to invite me to her work functions to "meet someone" and then systematically point out why none of the men present were good enough.

Good thing you have more to do than drive across the world to flirt with people you don't know from Pete!! I wish you lived out here by us - Adam has so many nice, single engi-nerd friends! :D
Kate P said…
You know what, Liz--I don't even think she's trying to set me up. I think it's more like, "You should be doing what I would be doing if I were your age." Flirting satisfies HER narcissism, and for some reason SHE THINKS I AM JUST LIKE HER!

Ahem. Sorry I got a little wound up there. And, man, I (heart) nerds, too. I've been saving for a trip out west. . .

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