The Friday Five: Face Time

Thanks for all the suggestions about the armband. After work today I went here (the brick-and-mortar version) and found one for Younger Sister's iPod. There were two in the store so I did a side-by-side comparison. I'm pretty sure I ended up with this one--and I'm relieved to see it has pretty good reviews now that I'm reading about it. Hopefully she'll like it, too!

I also spent too much on other things there, and on top of the $42 I had to shell out for gas (arrrgh!) it got me thinking about ways to save money. Last Friday's post was about the extravagance of a pedicure, so this week (sorry, fellas) I thought I'd share my five step plan for an at-home facial, because those can be very pricey. It's adapted from a Burt's Bees kit I got several years ago; it came with a little booklet and a tiny bowl for mixing up the facial mask powder with water. I've had a hard time finding the powder since, though, so last night--as I did one to de-stress--I used a pre-mixed packet I had picked up at CVS on clearance for 49 cents a few weeks ago. So pull your hair back off your face, and. . .

Step 1: Cleanse. I recommend a creamy/moisturizing cleanser, because the mask can be drying. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Apply and rinse off cleanser. Gently pat dry.

Step 2: Scrub. Any facial scrub you have on hand will do, as long as it's gentle and not full of rocks or huge pieces of shell--ow. Apply, rinse, and gently pat dry. If your skin's thin and/or sensitive, skip this step.

Step 3: Mask. Make sure you use the right one for your skin type; thankfully, nowadays most of them are labeled to help you out. Read the directions so you know how long to leave it on. Slather it on and set your timer. Prop your feet up and read a trashy magazine, or just close your eyes and enjoy the sensation of the mask drying on your face. It might even crackle! When time's up, rinse with cool water. I suggest using a very wet washcloth to help get the mask out of your hairline and the nooks around your nose.

Step 4: Tone. No harsh toners like Sea Breeze--see if it says "normal," or "soothing," or "balancing" on the bottle. Put a little on a cotton ball and sweep over your face. This gets rid of any remaining mask residue.

Step 5: Moisturize. Use your favorite moisturizer. If you're going out, make sure it has SPF! (I just had this talk with my mom. She's 60 and she's never used moisturizer with sunscreen.)

So try it out sometime, if you want. It should take less than half an hour, so it's even faster than going to a salon for a professional one. (Feel free to e-mail me if you'd like product suggestions.) Have a relaxing weekend!


WordGirl said…
I just wash my face with whatever (or Aveeno) and moisturize with Aveeno. Works for me. I don't think I'm representative of the "real girl" demographic though. Although I have had microderm abrasion done, twice.

But seriously, as much money as I spent on that, my face went back to its old self in, like, three days. I don't think it was worth it.
Kate P said…
I always wondered about microderm abrasion--I wouldn't think it would do anything for me until I hit my 40s. But my skin definitely underwent some radical change the summer before I turned 27 and I still don't feel as if I've found the "right" regimen.

My bosses gave me a gift certificate to a spa for Christmas and I'm leaning toward getting a facial. Just don't know when I can devote the time, y'know?

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