Up over 1,000

Whoa! When did my hit-meter get past 1,000? Granted, I have a roving IP address so I know around a hundred or so are mine (if anybody knows how I can get it to ignore me, please enlighten me), but still--I seem to have gotten quite a few hits this week. So. . . hi, visitors! Feel free to leave me a comment or send an e-mail. Don't be shy--you know, just because sometimes I can't control my mouth, like this morning:

Co-worker (female, late 40s, married ten years): I'm making a list of things I want to do for my birthday. Wanna hear? [Rattles off a few things like places she wants to eat/tour/shop.] My husband wants to take me to [hotel west of their home] but that means I have to worry about what shape the house is in because [the lady who watches their dogs] will be coming in.
Me: Tell him if he wants to go to the hotel, how about getting a maid service to come?
Co-worker: Oooooh! Good idea. I'd love to have breakfast in bed.
Me: (slightly wicked grin) Is breakfast optional?

Don't worry, she laughed. I hope you laughed a little, too. I know, in spite of the amount of whining about school and rude people, I try to make sure the humor is still there. It's such a joy for me to make people laugh. Don't get me wrong, I like to help people out, too, but sometimes humor gets the job done best.

I still need to go make dinner, so I'm gonna run. And crack open a soda to celebrate my mixed feelings about not being called for jury duty tomorrow. (And yes, the county courthouse's website does give a confirmation, unlike certain other school sites. Hmmmph.) Later, pippa!


Dave E. said…
"if anybody knows how I can get it to ignore me, please enlighten me"

Ooh! Ooh! A chance to release my inner geek. I've heard that this cookie based solution does not always work, or at least didn't always work smoothly, but this is from the Statcounter knowledge base:

How do I block my visits from being tracked using a cookie?

1. Login to your account
2. Click the 'wrench icon' next to your project
3. Click the "create blocking cookie" link
4. Click the button to create a blocking cookie.

Note: When you log out of your account this blocking cookie is also destroyed, so don't log out of your account if you want to keep on blocking your visits. Also if you are using multiple browsers, you need to create blocking cookies for each of your browser.


If you lose your cookies(sorry) you will have to recreate the blocking cookie.
Mr. Bingley said…
Heck, you count as a visitor! Keep that meter running all the time, I say :)
Mr. Bingley said…
"loose your cookies"

Kate P said…
Dave--I (heart) geeks. Forget pillow talk; bring on the tech support! I printed off your instructions and will have to tinker with statcounter at some point. And pray I don't "lose my cookies"--LOL! Thanks.

Bingley--yeah, sometimes I wonder if I'm having an out-of-blog experience on here!

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