When Group Projects Work

Admittedly, I prefer to work alone. Most of the courses I've taken in this program have embraced "collaborative learning" and have required some sort of group project or group discussion. I usually dread them--groups selected at random and way too many personality conflicts. And when communication is strictly online, well, you can probably guess that people misinterpret things and say things they wouldn't say to another's face. I even had one group treat me terribly because I was late checking in--I was so sick this time last year that I couldn't even look at a monitor, let alone read and type. No compassion among some information science types.

The best ones have been where either I was able to work with a classmate I knew I could get along with, or the group was assembled via a questionnaire, usually involving our goals for our degree (i.e. what type of librarian). Going into my project this quarter, I was really hesitant. Would I get along with these people? Would they get hostile with me because I can't check in during the day?

My apprehension has melted away, thankfully. I'm working with three very personable classmates. We even have side discussions going (reasons for entering program, family, work, podcasts for children)! It's awesome. It probably also helps that we all think the template we're using is pointless in some areas.

Now, if this analysis paper I'm doing for my other class would just start coming together. . .


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