Rolling Along

Thanks for all the positive and encouraging words on the last post. I tried calling my (new) advisor on my lunch break, but I couldn't get past the rottweiler- I mean, work study student answering her line. He was thorough and cool as a cucumber. I left a message with him and on her voice mail, asking her to leave me a message on my cell to let me know if I have a chance to talk with her tomorrow sometime between 12 and 2 (the O.K. window for taking lunch at work). No return message. Maybe she's just going to try me tomorrow between those times?

In my gut I feel I should just keep going and that everything's going to work out. In spite of the fact that I don't see how at the moment. The other two looming questions are. . .

(1) How bad does it look that I have practically no library experience to speak of? I mean, my career experience hasn't been library work per se, but I work on systems and our tenant files pretty much are a library. And I am the go-to person for information research (a.k.a. "font of obscure information") in my department. (I'm kind of excited to realize that--it's going in my intro letter. Whew--blogging is productive!)
(2) My mentor-of-sorts (who lives next door to my parents) has mentioned that she--and some of her colleagues--are looking to retire in the near future. (How sweet would it be to get her job? Very!) I just don't know if she's hitting retirement age in June 2009 or 2010. Is it indelicate to ask? I have to talk to her about possibly interviewing her for an assignment, anyway.

In the meantime, I'm going to go back to working on my letter and arguing with my group project partners (ugh). I have to get some things taken care of before the weekend 'cuz it's gonna be busy. Tomorrow after work I'm seeing Iron Man with my friend (the one trying to set me up) and some of his co-workers, then hanging out with him and his wife for a little bit at their place. Probably discussing the progress of the set-up. Saturday will probably be a "work" day for me on school, because Sunday is my nephew's christening. My sister will be in town and I think we're cramming her birthday in early, on top of the christening and Mother's Day (which thankfully is no big deal as long as somebody remembers the Jean Nate'--I did!).

I can't even begin to think about possible jury duty a week from now, a paper coming due, and Lord only knows what else. But I guess that's just life as a responsible adult (sort of) and grad school student. I'm glad to be healthy, even if my back is acting up again, and things are fairly quiet at my residence. So I think I'm just going to count my blessings for now and keep rolling along--"one bite at a time," as Lizzie said below.


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