No Spoilers, Just My Opinion

Saw the new "Indy" movie today with some former co-workers. Excellent cast, spectacular effects, weak storyline. Anybody else catch it yet? What did you think?


Amy Giglio said…
I'm going to see it at 4. I'll let you know when I get back!
Rick(y) said…
I saw it yesterday and thought exactly what you wrote. Too much CGI and a very weak storyline. Was it enjoyable? Yes. I laughed a lot and I am (mostly) comfortable having spent twenty four dollars for two tickets to see this movie in the theater in Brooklyn. I don't think it matches up to the others, though, I do think it's worth watching.

(set your expectations low and have fun)
Kate P said…
Amy--yeah, I'm curious to see if your theater was as packed as ours was.

Rick(y)--Honestly, if I had spent $12 on my ticket, my annoyance would've been a bit higher. But low expectations and just being in it for fun are a good start. (I also wonder if anybody else thought the kid's name was "Mud" if you couldn't read the embroidery on his jacket. Everyone I was with thought so!)
Rick(y) said…
Well, our last movie in New York (having lived here for two years, I've seen three total) was Cloverfield, so this was a good time, even at $12 dollars a pop.

Yeah, I thought he said his name was Mud at first, too! Until I caught the embroidery on his jacket.

What set the tone for me, besides the warehouse scene.. was the amazing refrigerator. From that point on, I knew I was watching a cartoon.
Amy Giglio said…
There weren't that many people in the theatre. At first i was surprised, but then it was 4:00 on a beautiful Sunday of Memorial day weekend. I'll bet there was higher attendance later on.

The plot was pretty weak. It was enjoyable, but I thought "Iron Man" was better. It was like this movie couldn't decide if it wanted to be Indiana Jones or Romancing the Stone. Romancing the Crystal Skull??
Kate P said…
Let's just say I have. . . issues. . . with what they used as the plot vehicle. Gives me the willies.

"Romancing the Crystal Skull"--heh heh heh. Works for me.

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