Technocessory Bleg

Younger Sister's birthday is in mid-May--most likely we'll be celebrating it on or around Mother's Day because Baby Nephew is being christened then and Younger Sister will be in town. Last weekend she came for a visit and said, "If you haven't gotten me anything for my birthday yet, I could really use an armband for my iPod." (This is how she operates. I'm guessing it's effective about 99.9% of the time. Can you tell she's the baby of the family?)

I don't know a thing about anything iPod related. It's a Nano, 3G. Where can a poor grad student find a good armband without breaking the bank? My early investigations are saying around $30 at Target or Best Buy--and if I go with Target I'll probably have to pay to have it shipped. Any recommendations?


Mr. Bingley said…
Looking here on apple's site the $30 seems about right. I'm sure Best Buy has several different ones. And indeed they do!

I'm not really 'hip' on the latest ipod gear. the ipod i use is 1st generation, one of the original ones with a scroll wheel that is actually a wheel that spins.

I'm so retro.
Lizzie said…
There's one similar to the one I have at Target for $20. super simple - basically just a strap of elastic. There are also some good bets for relatively cheap on Amazon (add shipping, though)...
Amy Giglio said…
don't they carry those at Target and Best Buy stores so you don't have to pay for shipping?
Kate P said…
Bingley--Dude, at least you *have* one!

Lizzie--I was debating whether she wanted more than the stretchy strap and that's why she was asking for one instead of shelling out for herself. You're probably right that Amazon has some variety but it drives me up a wall (Rate this! You'll like this other stuff! Leave me alone!) and I'm wondering if I'd prefer seeing items "live and in person." I'm struggling with the color choices, too.

Amy--some indicate they're available in store (maybe) but most say they're online only. Boo.

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