I rewrote my introduction letter on my lunch hour--sitting in the car at the very crowded township park--and filled out the online application to the best of my ability. Hit the "submit" button and. . .

Blank page.

No "Thank you. Your form has been submitted." No date and time stamp. For a school that brags about its technology I find this highly incongruous. Not to mention freaking unnerving. I haven't even had the temerity to close the window yet. The mini-marshmallows that fed my writing skills are threatening to come up (a little). Well, I e-mailed my program advisor about it (the form, not the marshmallow problem), and that's all I can do. The deadline is tomorrow, so hopefully that takes care of it.

I guess now I should start looking at my schoolwork for the week. Whew.

UPDATE 05/15/2008: After I finally got my internet back (and honestly I wish I could get those 30 minutes with the tech support lady back), I received an e-mail from my program advisor saying she did get my application. Yaaaaay!!!


nightfly said…
It is the fear of such events that makes me copy and paste everything into word if I'm composing at the computer. I am paranoid about losing stuff like this. I have print and backup diskette copies of all my stories, too, since some unfortunate file corruption nearly sabotaged one effort.

(word verify - "ukwvks" - the first thing you say with your mouth full when the computer erases an hour's worth of your work)
Kate P said…
Oh, yes--when I'm trying to post to discussions in Blackboard for class, I usually copy before I try to post in case Blackboard eats it. In this case, however, this form was a particular portion on a web page--the best I could've done was a snapshot, I guess. Thankfully, though, it did go through. They just really oughta give us poor nervous students a confirmation message!

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