Friday Five: Smile Time

Today was one of those days where I was on the verge of tears (from frustration) a couple of times and managed to laugh instead. I've heard a saying about life being not what happens to you but how you react to what happens. . . well, probably it was less clumsy than that, but you get the idea. So I thought for tonight's Friday Five I'd talk about five things that brightened my spirits today:

1. Seraphic's cute idea about a spiritual dance card for the wedding she's attending this weekend. Some of us non-marrieds get caught in this happy-sad feeling about weddings, and she fleshes it out well. I remember going through what seemed like a year of one wedding after another when I was first out of college. Younger Sister, unmarried like me, also seems to run through these cycles of weddings among her friends. Now she's dealing with wedding fallout--babies! Nine arrived or expected to arrive since last Fall. So far--it's early in the year. (One of the few times I am glad I don't know that many people and that the people I do know are already married or not interested.) Anyway, at some wedding receptions people dedicate songs to family and friends. So I'd like to dedicate "Ruby" by Kaiser Chiefs to Seraphic, for her beautiful ruby red hair and for the lines, "Let it never be said/The romance is dead/'Cos there's so little else/Occupying my head."

2. Dave E.'s helpful statcounter comments on the previous post--and the ensuing "lose your cookies" jokes. Hee hee!

3. Making my co-worker laugh--when I was ready to strangle our other co-worker for believing "leave this program up until we can resolve the problem" means it's O.K. to go ahead and use one of the applications the program is running (computer illiterate)--by declaring, "I want whatever she's taking that gives her such amazing delusions and always makes her come out smelling like a rose to our boss." Cripes.

4. Election bumper sticker making fun at Wunderkraut's.

5. The neighbor gal who smiled and said, "Come on in" to me as she held the door to let me into the building when I got home. It was raining (as it had been all day) and my hands were full of bags and schoolbooks, so that was lovely. (Number 5-1/2: My trunk doesn't seem soaked from all the rain as I'd feared, so maybe there isn't a problem after all. Hopefully.)

Here's to a nice (and in my case, productive school-wise) weekend.


Dave E. said…
Ha, glad you liked the "cookie" joke and it brightened your day. I'm curious to see how that fix works for you if you try it. Cookie based solutions are often problematic for a number of reasons. Anyway, I'm more in Bongley's camp as far as one's own visits go. One out of ten doesn't seem that out of proportion since you allow comments and respond, and so your visits count also. Your call.
Dave E. said…
Oops..."Bongley". Sorry about that, Bingley.
Mr. Bingley said…
Was "Bongley" my evil twin 20+ years ago in college?
Kate P said…
HA HA! I'll bet he was perpetually surrounded by a cloud of smoke and called everyone "dude." Probably too stoned to be evil. Or do much else, actually.

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