Baby's Got a New Office

I moved all my pathetic little cubicle contents into my new office today. The HR Lady let me wear jeans. Some people expressed theiir envy, but jeans were definitely necessary for little ol' me to climb on counters to pull stuff off cubicle walls.

I have a door and a real desk now. Having an office is even better than I could have imagined. The peace and quiet alone is astounding. I feel as if I'm sitting at the back of a cavern, and that's perfectly all right with me.

Other people in the office knew I was moving before I did, because someone not from our department was moved from an office on the edge of our area to another office. And told everybody, in her own words, why she was moving. HR Lady tells me she's happy to have moved, but this exchange that happened yesterday, right outside my (then) desk, tells me otherwise:

Slacker Girl: (sees moved person at the file cabinets near our desks) Hey, girl, you're up on Diamond Row now!
Moved Person: Yeah.
SG: How you likin' it up there?
MP: (I know something was said, because of SG's response, but it was said very quietly--because she knows I'm right there.)
SG: O.K., well, I'll have to come up and see you. (Blathers on about polishing off the contents of MP's candy dish. Ugh.)

For the record, I asked for an office, and actually I wanted the office of the person from our department who quit in February, but they gave it to the new hire. I didn't make the decision to move anybody, and she's the one choosing to look at it as if I took her office away from her. The fact is, nothing in the office really belongs to us, and the powers that be can tell us to go wherever and whenever they want us to go. I'm following orders just as much as she is. I feel bad she's not happy, but I refuse to take the blame for it. Anybody who falls for that line most likely wants to believe anything bad said about me, anyway.

Right now, though, all I'm thinking about is that I don't have to eat lunch in my car anymore.

Little things make me happy!


WordGirl said…
Ahhh, the cubicle... and office politics. Those were the days.


But has Jim asked Pam to marry him yet? That's the question.
Dave E. said…
Congrats on the office. The only thing better than an office is two offices. In different buildings.

When I was in IT I worked for a company that had an HQ building in one place and a major terminal about 15 miles away, and I had an office and staff in both locations. I had a cell phone of course, but one can always use the "I was on another call" excuse. The opportunities to "avoid engagement", as the military puts it, were fantastic. I used it in a measured way, but if I wanted to be a ghost for some particularly annoying person, they didn't have a chance.
Ashley said…
I live in a cubicle in a windowless office. It sucks. But you know what? I get paid to play outside with kids, so it evens out.

You have GOT to be kidding me. You eat lunch in your car!? Ugh. Good thing those days are OVER!

Kate P said…
WG--gosh, everywhere I go, people talk about "The Office" and I have yet to see an episode. I don't know when it's on- wait, that's not true; my sister just told me she didn't want to meet up on Thursday b/c the show's on. O.K., that's all I know. :)

Dave--thank you! And LOL at the crafty avoidance. It's hard to hide in our little office, but it's nice to have the "leave me alone" option with the door now.

Ashley--oh, don't get me started about the eating in my car business. They banned eating at your desk but ONLY if you didn't have an office where you could close the door. Apparently someone in management (with an office) didn't like certain smells. BUT we don't have a lunchroom, so where are we supposed to go?
I still have all the stuff out of my car from getting it fixed, so this afternoon I got the interior thoroughly cleaned, and it's amazing. I'm going to do my best to avoid eating in it from now on.

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