The Friday Five, Times Two

We're going visual for this one. . .

It's the time of year when hobbit toes are completely unacceptable, so here we have five perfect piggies on the left, five perfect piggies on the right. (Yes, I know they are some of the palest piggies you've ever seen, but they'll be the freshest looking piggies at the old folks' home while everyone else's are dark and leathery.) It's one of the few and infrequent "high maintenance" things I do. Plus, I figured that a tiny bit of the security deposit from my old apartment recently returned to me should be used for something nice and relaxing after all the craziness living there put me through. Ahhhhh.


Ashley said…

I need one of those. Too bad I'm so poor. :)

Also, I tagged you for a meme over at my blog - check it out!
Amy Giglio said…
I could use one too. I just can't bring myself to spring for it. Oh and I don't have time.... Hobbit toes for me!
Lizzie said…
People in my yoga class have been disdainfully checking out my feet - it's about time for a pedi for me too. Btw, I've been lurking around your site for ages, but now that I'm blogging too, I can leave a comment! Thanks for being my first commenter (commentor? commentator?). :D
WordGirl said…
Pasty toes -- ACTIVATE! Mine are sadly unpolished, but also cancer free.
Kate P said…
I'm so glad people are commenting--I was worried people would hold back b/c they were afraid of being called freaks for talking about my feet!

Ashley--yeah, um, this one cost more than I'm usually willing to pay but I figured I needed the heavy artillery. If there's a beauty school or trade school in your area they might offer it for low cost. Around here you go to the ones owned by the nice Vietnamese family if you wanna pay less but have time to wait for the crowds to subside. (Meme response forthcoming.)

Amy--I should have qualified that it's MY WORKPLACE specifically where it's unacceptable to have hobbit toes! :)

Lizzie--Hi and welcome! Wow, I had no idea I was the first to comment. And yes, much exposed feet in yoga. . . you mean your yoga classmates actually LOOK at you? That's it, I'm definitely defecting to another class.

WG--A superhero reference! Awesome! (I owe you a meme too.)

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