Still Alive for the Friday Five

Oh, what a week it's been. I wanted to find an upbeat sort of theme for today's Friday Five, just to balance out all the whining and tears from this week. (Omigosh, I just realized it's pouring outside. Maybe it'll cool my place down--we got into the seventies today and I'm surprised how much heat this place retains.)

Five shows I look forward to seeing every week:

1. Top Chef--Yeah, I can't eat half the stuff (butter everywhere), but it's neat to learn about different foods and techniques.
2. How I Met Your Mother--I think I was the happiest viewer when Marshall & Lilly got back together.
3. Heroes--Was I the only person who didn't understand they weren't coming back until the fall? That was a disappointing realization last Sunday when I read the paper.
4. Project Runway--I think I could sew pretty well if I had a good teacher, but what those contestants come up with for the challenges is wild!
5. The Soup--I love the sarcastic humor, plus it gives me enough highlights of popular TV to keep me current but spare me the agony of watching a lot of bad TV.

Are these surprising choices?


Amy Giglio said…
not surprising at all. I like seeing those too, but I'd put 30 Rock and the Office there instead of HIMYM and The shoup. Also, Clean House. Niecy is sort of annoying, but I wish they wouold come over and take over my foolishness.

It was awesome meeting you today!!!!
Kate P said…
Yeah, I'm glad we met!!!

Slacker girl I work with? Sounds like Niecy. Good for hosting a show, bad for working in an office. Speaking of which, I probably would be into "The Office" if I'd seen it from the beginning but trying to watch it where it is now? I can't get into it.

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