Poll Cats

I went to vote after work today. I've voted there twice before when I used to live in the same area a few years ago. In my former town, I voted at the high school, and it was rare if I was handed any materials. Usually nobody would be around by the time I'd get there. Tonight, as I walked up to "the Barn" (a community center for art/dance education), a slightly-older-than-middle-aged man came to me right away and started going over a sample ballot. It wasn't for my party, but stupid me dumbly asked if I could get one for the other party.

"You're in the other party?" he asked.
"Yup," I replied, shrugging.
"My condolences."
I smirked and shot back, "Yeah, likewise." And walked into the Barn with the gratitude that pollworkers have more manners than campaign shills.


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