Is't Possible?

Did I really just finish all my schoolwork for Week 1? And it's--*glances at clock*--only 8:30 p.m.? Honestly, a few days ago, I thought I was behind the eight ball and going to be down to the wire (a.k.a. midnight) getting this stuff read and completed.

I hesitate to hope that I can finish ahead of time every week, because it was Week 1 and they might be going easy on us with introductory stuff, but. . . I am taking only two classes this quarter, instead of three. If I can manage this, I might have time to finish unpacking in record time, and start having a life again.

I can certainly hope. For tonight, though, I'll settle for getting my school papers put away and getting to bed a bit earlier for tomorrow's thrilling events.

Stay tuned, dear readers (the whole handful of ya) for the exciting revelation of what the car rental place is going to turn over to me tomorrow morning. You may make your guesses as to make, model, and color in the combox if you'd like. And no, they don't rent Yugos around here. Or do they?


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