Homework Pass

When an online student can't access the class site, said online student cannot do her homework. The support people said they've notified the administrator, but there's no information on when the site will be functioning again.

Which is fine for tonight, because it's hard to concentrate with a headache and a low-grade fever. Besides, I had other things to do, like clean up after cooking this for dinner (dairy- and gluten-free: sarahk would like it!) and baking this for dessert/breakfast (scroll down for the s'mores ones; I had leftover coconut milk to use up). Tonight it is important to have something for dessert because I need something to eat when I take those good ol' antibiotics the doctor--who for the first time in three visits didn't rag on my weight--prescribed. Wouldn't want to add "puking" to the list of ailments. (And yes I did ask the doctor if they would make me puke. I'm so clinical like that.)

My green-thumbed friend WordGirl (as her blog name suggests) would like this: while I was browsing the drugstore aisles waiting for my prescription to be filled, I found a petite kit to grow some herbs. I think it might be a cheap relative ($4!) of this kit; it's made by the same company. Now I just have to figure out where to put the pots so they'll grow but be safe from the cat (destroyer of all green growing things). But that's half the fun!


WordGirl said…
((((AWWW, I gotta' shout out! I feel so lurrrrved...)))

Went to the ol'timey gen'ral store up the street and got some honest-to-goodness catnip to grow in my kitchen window. THE CAT GOES NUKKIN' FUTS EVERY TIME. Brilliant.
Kate P said…
Oh yeah, there's nothing like the pure stuff. . . so I've heard.

The entire container would be little green nubs after a few minutes with my cat. The only thing she allowed to survive for a few months was bamboo--and that's because it's an *acquired* taste. But once she acquired it, she went to town!

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