Commuting is Wheel-y Tough Sometimes

When I had to complete a certain amount of hours driving for my driver's education course, I learned one very important thing about driving when there are joggers and other people/vehicles in the road. That was not to try to pass them if you're on a hill or going around a curve. Very handy in Pennsylvania.

The latter part of my commute home to my new apartment involves a very curvy road, but usually there's not a lot of traffic on it. But boy, did I hit the jackpot tonight. As I came up the curvy road, I saw a whole pack of cyclists in front of me. I thought some of them were wearing Temple U. jerseys, so maybe it was a team biking for practice. There was no way to tell if any opposing traffic was coming, so I just stayed behind them and worked on being patient. Of course another car came up behind me, but the driver seemed pretty understanding. I figured everybody was cool until what I think was the driver of the second car behind me blasted his/her horn. I'm sorry, since you can see so well from back there, why don't you tell me when I should go drive into oncoming traffic? Jerk.

I hate that kind of pressure, and I'm still shaking off the accident from March (not to mention the warning I got on Saturday--first ever, caused by a dumb move on my part), so I was hoping I'd get to my turn soon.

Annnnd then I watched the bike team take the turn ahead of me.

It was all right, though, because we were on a straighter, quieter street, and I was able to get around them fairly soon. I hope I don't have to do that again anytime in the near future, but with a major bike race coming up in June, this might be just the start. I'm not the biggest fan of cyclists around here. They demand that we "share the road" but many of them ride as if they don't share the traffic laws. I guess they like living on the edge but a car could injure them very badly. My car's not going to be one of them.


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