Poorly Designed Quizzes Annoy Me

I just took a quiz (not affecting my grade) to test my understanding of Gardner's model of multiple intelligences--that there are these separate kinds of intelligences like spatial and musical--by matching the different intelligences to board games. I had to do a search on two of the games, "Rummicube" and "Scruples." I thought I knew what Scruples was, but apparently not. A player is given an ethical dilemma and predicts another player's answer. That sounds like "interpersonal" intelligence to me, but I got a big red "X" and an advisement that the correct answer was "linguistic." Baloney. I have a degree in English Lit so there's a pretty good chance I know what linguistic intelligence is. Give me a break.

I'm going to post my complaint to see if it stirs anything up. This is the class where the instructor, in my experience of her technique last quarter, tends to post really blunt and borderline insulting responses to my posts. She's always complimentary when grading me on assignments, but for some reason she likes to imply on the boards that I'm dumb as a, well, post.


WordGirl said…
And I'll betcha' a buck she's got tenure. You know what they say about those who "can't do", right? I should know, my Mom's a teacher.

Shrug it off. YOU know you're a genius -- that's all that matters.
Ashley said…
I had a class like that. I felt like the quizzes were RIDICULOUS. I got a B in the class, one of 4 Bs in my undergrad education. Pure proof that the teacher was an idiot, right?

PS: I love how you call my blog "Ashley's Little Apartment" in your blogroll. Because, that's what it is! My husband intended to blog some on it, but he's just soo not into it (and doesn't get the whole blogging thing, actually!) :)
Lindsay said…
Hey, Kate! I just saw your comment on Arwen's page, and I wanted to say thank you. :o)
Kate P said…
WG--turns out two classmates responded to my post and they agreed with me! And--get this--she gave me *nice* feedback on last week's assignment! I have to do a brag post. :)

Ashley--well, I am the kind of person who overthinks and second-guesses myself on quizzes if I idle. And I've had a couple of hard-earned B-pluses in this program, let me tell you. (Yes, I do think, "What's going on at Ashley's Little Apartment today?")

Lindsay--Hi!!! And you're welcome. Hey everyone, Lindsay just got accepted to grad school. She's going about it the smart way, not waiting ten years and working a full time job like dummy me.

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