Let's Not Do That Again

The first part of my previous week's assignment for one of my courses was to analyze a particular type of library and suggest an information literacy program. That was due by Thursday night. By last night we were to have read all our classmates' papers and make some collective comments about the content, not--the instructor emphasized--the quality of the writing.

For a grammar freak like me, it was doubly excruciating to read, and attempt to read past, the apostrophe abuse, the disagreeing verbs, the glaring typos. . . you get the idea. I don't even think of myself as a good writer, just one who knows and follows the rules. But apparently that's enough to be commended again and again, by instructor upon instructor, and now I understand why.

I was sitting in their chairs last night.


Amy Giglio said…
urgh. I cannot deal with bad grammar and punctuation.
Kate P said…
I'm telling you, it almost made me homicidal. Justifiably.

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