The Game Plan

I've said before that I'm notorious for list-making, so please forgive the list format for tonight--I'm a sick chickie.

1. Spoke with matchmaking friend tonight--he's going to e-mail the picture and I'm going to follow up later in the week. I'm doing this post, taking cold meds, and going to bed. Getting up early this morning to drop my car off for repairs, after not having slept well (Read the signs, Kate: you're getting sick) is adding to the blecch feeling.

2. Tomorrow I will call in sick and beg the doctor for an appointment to rule out strep throat. Silly me, I thought my throat hurt from all that gabbing and singing over the weekend. But when the chills hit--as I was trying to write up an assignment due tonight--I got a bit concerned. Slacker girl at my office was walking around all last week with hoarseness and coughing (sans hand-cover).

3. I'm still planning to post on my reunion weekend and hope I can do that this week.

4. That is, if I survive toodling around in a tin can with a bitchin' stereo. No, I refused to pay to upgrade, and I made them wash it. It was filthy. Because they made me late for work, they reduced the gas tank requirement when I return it. Yay me.
I'm still bemused by the fact that power windows and locks were scrapped for a stellar stereo. Guess what I'm driving? I'll give you a hint: Zoom-Zoom. (They're not kidding, either--dang, it is zippy.)


WordGirl said…
Feel better! That's an ORDER! (At this point, you may salute if you wish.)
Kate P said…
Yes, Ma'am! *salutes*

(Ow, my head. . .)

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