Meme: 19 Songs

O.K., so WordGirl tagged me for this one.

1. Choose 19 of the songs you like best, regardless of artist or genre.
2. Put them all together in a CD.
3. Make 5 other copies.
4. Post your playlist on your blog.
5. Choose 5 people and send them a copy of your CD each. Send the first copy you made to the one who tagged you.

I've never burned a CD--heck, I'm still saving for an iPod--so I'm going to omit that part. (Take that, meme police!) I'm posting now because if I don't, I'll keep going back and changing the list. "Favorite" is too hard to do in a short span of time, and I tried to think of ones that if they came on the radio in the car I'd scream with delight and crank it up. (Some, sadly, wouldn't even come up on college radio, but a girl can dream.) This should, at least, give people an idea of what I like, in no particular order:

High and Dry—Radiohead
No Myth—Michael Penn
Dreaming of Me—Depeche Mode
Three Coins in the Fountain—Frank Sinatra
Dancing with Myself—Billy Idol
The Ghost in You—Psychedelic Furs or Counting Crows (Clueless sdtk.)
So Lonely—The Police
Float On—Modest Mouse
El Scorcho—Weezer
Take Me Out—Franz Ferdinand
We Both Go Down Together—The Decemberists
Not Enough Time—INXS
Think Long—Mates of State
Karma Police—Christopher O’Riley (interpreting Radiohead)
Waiting for Somebody—Paul Westerberg
Paint the Silence—South
Ocean Avenue—Yellowcard

I'm tagging Ashley because I must return the tagging favor (although no need to do it until I get to yours), and anybody else wanting to take it on is welcome to have at it.


WordGirl said…
High And Dry, Dancing With Myself, Not Enough Time, Wonderwall -- all could have made my list. Anthems!!!

You must be fun to party with. :)
Kate P said…
Aw, thanks! Yeah. . . none of my roommates ever thought so. Philistines.

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