The Friday Five Returns!

Now that I have a slightly longer commute to work, my brain gets more of a chance to warm up on the way in. The stereo's always on--either a little bit of talk radio, maybe some music, or if I can't find anything on the radio, I run the portable CD player through the tape deck. (Didja guess my car is six years old now?)

This morning, I caught the tail end of an interview with someone, and I'm not sure who it was, but there was talk about serving in the Vietnam War. I'm sorry to say that I am fairly ignorant about it. I don't think we even got to talk about it in my high school class (despite the fact that the summer reading of Gone with the Wind was supposed to help me with an essay question comparing the Civil War to the Vietnam War. It didn't). So those thoughts inspired this week's Friday Five: Five Subjects I Missed in High School

1. 20th century U.S. History. Yup, the entire century. I pretty much can't tell you what happened after Reconstruction. O.K., maybe a little bit about the Great Depression--sometimes I look at kiddie forts and cardboard boxes and think "Hoovervilles." That's it. Except that might be from seventh grade.

2. Economics. The stock market makes no sense to me. I do remember a trip to the Federal Reserve downtown, but I can't remember which class provided me the wonder of shredded defunct dollar bills.

3. Lab Science. Any lab science. Because I was required by my scholarship to take Art classes all four years, I missed freshman science, which I think was an introduction to physical science. Sophomore year, my biology teacher got really ticked off at me during a lab. IIRC it had to do with using the microscope. Sister didn't seem to understand that my science education in parochial school was minimal at best. It certainly showed.

4. Home Economics. Not offered in a college-prep, feminist-nun run school. Sometimes I do feel a bit "domestically disabled."

5. Latin. Oh, it was offered, but I opted for Spanish. Every once in a while, sometimes when I'm looking at art, or singing something at church, or reading one of those blogs written by self-proclaimed Catholic nerds, I wish I knew the language.

As an aside, I think my high school is doing something for the reunion classes this month but I haven't heard or received anything. After fifteen years I think I'm finally ready to go back.


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