CocaCola's Ad Agency Phones It In?

I couldn't believe my ears last night. How many different times have TV/radio shows/ads used that creepy "Breathe Me" song (the piano intro part)? Anybody else see the series finale of "Six Feet Under"? If you're in Southeastern PA, have you heard radio ads for a local health system with that song running in the background? (Not to mention being totally weirded out because you couldn't help associating it with "Six Feet Under"?) I wouldn't be surprised if "Grey's Anatomy" (not a show I watch but seems to make songs instant hits) had used it, too.

It's not a happy song. Is that the best they could do? Or was it more like "no effort necessary"?

Or is it perfectly in line with that slight conflict I feel as I'm happy to watch people compete but not crazy about the location?


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