Finally, a Welcome Crush

This morning I had the opportunity to sleep in, because I was going to a later Mass, at a different parish which figures prominently in my family's history, including my parents' wedding 37+ years ago. My cousin was helping sing with the choir for their feast honoring Our Lady of Knock, and since she came to our parish last month to help sing for our feast, my mom and I said we'd come when she asked if we were interested in singing. It's nice to do something different every once in awhile, and it was neat to see the special things they do that day, like the procession with the Ancient Order of Hibernians (kilts, pipes, drums--good stuff) and the presentation of yellow (golden) roses to Our Lady. I did think of Ken when I glanced at one of the photocopies of the sheet music and there was an ad for "Irish Tenor Solos for Banjos." I guess that's for shows.

Despite the opportunity to sleep in, between an anxious cat who didn't like her breakfast and wasn't sure why I was still sleeping and a writing idea brewing in my head, I didn't sleep in. In fact, I was ready about a minute before my mom's car pulled up, because I stayed a little too long in my PJ's scribbling down my writing idea. Can't complain about that, though.

After Mass, we headed out in the rain for a last minute invite to my brother's house for brunch. I've never seen so many pancakes in my life! But they needed to make quite a few considering they still have my SIL's kids visiting. I spent last Sunday with the two girls, and they excitedly showed me the dollhouse they picked up at a yard sale yesterday. I guess I'm a bit of a celebrity, or at least an interesting new face, because their little brother who is seven latched on to me and made sure I was staying for a little bit after brunch. He showed me his yard sale finds and talked my ear off. He has just discovered Macgyver courtesy of his dad's DVD player. I think he misses his parents a little bit.

We frequently joke that my oldest nephew has a crush on Younger Sister. (Not as weird as it sounds because he's my brother's stepson.) For example, he'd ask my SIL or my mom to take pictures with their cameras, and they'd see a disproportionate amount of pictures of my sister when he was finished.

So I guess now I have my very own "nephew crush" (sort of). It's kinda fun. Not to mention a refreshing break from the creeps.


Lindsay said…
How adorable!
Aw, nephew crushes are the cutest!!
Kate P said…
Isn't it cute? I'm sorry I'm going to miss their trip downtown to one of the children's museums tomorrow. Can't wait to hear about it.

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