Remember this fiasco from the end of last month?

Some very nice envelopes came in the mail today. Three, to be exact. Two were the reports I asked my local representative to help straighten out. The third one was the report from the FBI fingerprinting that I did the afternoon after we laid my great-uncle to rest. They'd said it would take six to eight weeks--and in fact my well-intentioned aunt (yes, the one you're thinking of) was freaking out on my mom (why her and not directly to me, I dunno) that I wouldn't have it in time--but today it was in my mailbox.

All the many letters of my name are present and in the correct order!

Now I can say that I have no criminal record, and I can back it up. And then some. I ordered some really yummy coffee to celebrate. And contemplate whether I have to vote for my representative next time around. What else does he do? Good stuff?

Maybe a grateful phone call would suffice.


Lindsay said…
I've wondered about that coffee. Is it really as good as everyone says it is? I've always wanted to try it, but have been unable to as of yet. I can't have a coffee maker while at school, and I haven't been at home long enough, so I'll have to wait until I graduate.

Glad you finally got everything right!
Kate P said…
Whaddya mean, you can't have a coffeemaker at school??? I went to school during the dark ages (where you could have a mini fridge only with a doctor's note!). I wasn't as into coffee then as I am now, so maybe that explains how my little four-cup coffeemaker survives to this day.

As for MM coffee, I tried a couple of samples, the MM blend and the hazelnut, and I liked them. I e-mailed them and they were very nice about answering my question as to whether their flavored coffees contain milk. They said they don't, so I ordered a pound of mystic monk, a pound of caramel, and two samples--darker roast stuff, I think. I can't wait to get them.

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