The Friday Five Survives the Work Week

The Friday Five almost got scrapped as the result of a bad mood stemming from work-related incidents--heaps of work that shouldn't be my main job anymore being assigned to me, and a comment by a co-worker who decided she was so frustrated with her husband that she had to tell me to "Enjoy being single." (And that was over dishes left in the sink and forgetting to turn on the dehumidifier in the basement.) I'm sorry, do frustrated parents tell couples who are trying to have a baby that they should enjoy their childless years? Don't wish your marriage away because you're disappointed he's not meeting your expectations--things are crazy right now. They're a little stressed because her mom had a minor stroke last week, but mom's home now and frankly she seems to be handling it better than her daughter. Her husband's upset because she's upset, as is their usual day-to-day schedule; I wouldn't be able to remember to do things, either.

For someone who's complaining her husband's insensitive, that was a really insensitive thing to say. I didn't want to argue or get upset in front of her, so I just left her desk. I wanted to go home, anyway.

But something cheered me up and I felt I could go on: my newest reader, Lizzie's daughter!

(Well, O.K., her mom will be reading to her for a couple of years, but I say she counts. Quit nitpicking and go congratulate her, will ya please?)

When work gets to me, I try to remind myself it's August and I won't have to put up with this for much longer. I should look forward to what's ahead. I have five goals for the remainder of the summer:

1. Get to the beach. I can't believe it's August and I haven't been to the beach, but July was somewhat of a mess. I have to have at least one night of falling asleep to the soft sound of distant surf.

2. Finish hanging all my pictures. At least my biggest picture, a pen-and-ink on cardboard of a still life of bicycles (about two and a half feet by three feet and framed) from my high school art student days, is already on the living room wall. I have about seven or eight left to hang, and most are not as unwieldy.

3. Translate at least half of my writing notes and revise novel #1/add to novel #2. You know, stop taking notes and actually write.

4. Make sure everything is in order to start school/leave work. Finish clearances, and start cleaning off my hard drive at work, that sort of stuff. I've been seeing flash drives on sale and I have to pick at least one up.

5. Plan a quit-my-job party. I didn't have an official housewarming--this home still needs a bit of work--so it might be a good excuse to have people over. I mentioned it to my brother and SIL a couple of weekends ago and we joked about having "Office Space" and "9 to 5" playing on the TV in the background.

I'm off to finish my wine as I watch the Opening Ceremonies and try to make peace with the ambivalence I feel about the games.


Mr. Bingley said…
I haven't watched a second of the games.

And I doubt i will; i just don't care about them anymore.
Ashley said…
Oh man!! How exciting are number 4 and 5?!

I'm happy for you. :)
Kate P said…
Bingley--I think you're not alone in that, at all!

Ashley--thanks. . . now if I could just get my nerves to calm down. :)

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