Suburban Beach Bum

Day one of vacation: Slept in until ten, made a few phone calls, bought sunscreen and soda, and then hit the suburban beach (a.k.a. Mom and Dad's backyard) for reading and sunning.

It was nice not having to get out of bed early this morning to go to work, especially since I'd been up late the night before, doing a little work on my writing. I realized I had a major perspective problem in the middle section, because I decided for consistency to alternate it between the two main characters, and that will take some time to rework. Really need to fix the iMac's printer so I can print it out and scribble all over it. At least I'm hoping I can find someone who can fix a ten year old printer. And wants to. In any event, once I work that out, and flesh out a few more ideas, I might be done with Novel #1. That would be fantastic. Looking forward to having other people laugh/cry/cheer at my stories. Someday.

Finally got arrangements settled to head down the shore for a few days later in the week. First, though, I have to meet with my program coordinator down at school on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it and I hope that it goes smoothly. I need to get the details on what to expect next month. I can't believe in less than a month I'll be in high school.

So this week is sort of my last hurrah. A little (cheap) entertainment, a lot of (leisure) reading and writing. Unless I win big at the slots tomorrow; then it's champagne wishes and catnip dreams.

What, you didn't think I'd say caviar, did you? Nobody likes the red caviar!

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Anonymous said…
Good for you Kate! Have a good rest!
I love Clueless!
Kate P said…
Thanks! I'm so glad somebody else loves Clueless!!! :)

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