Olympic Fever and Chills

The competitions, at least the ones I want to see, have been running late, but it's worth staying up (although it almost makes me want to be in a later time zone). If I fall asleep during a meeting, that'll be why. Oh, and that meetings can be dull and seem to be held in polar conference rooms.

Swimming and gymnastics are the events that interest me most. While I was waiting for my lunch in the microwave at work today, I was talking to one of my co-workers who was waiting for Princess Shortcut to finish slopping her lunch all over the counters and so they could go eat lunch at the tables on the second floor. The topic turned to the men's gymnastics, whereupon PS announces, "The U.S. team was AWESOME. All of the Americans are doing AWESOME." She went into a monologue about basketball, which doesn't interest me, and how AWESOME they are doing, and how wonderful it is that the Chinese idolize the same jerk player she does (ugh, no wonder she chooses lousy boyfriends), and so on. She's just so darn LOUD, as if she forgets she has an indoor voice. That's PS, always the professional.

Tracey is doing some great commentary on the games, and not just the events. It's nice to have a place to discuss things (and hear what other people picked up on that I didn't catch!) where the conversation uses more than a thimbleful of the English language.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the swimming and gymnastics tonight, and attempting to do household chores in between. The commercial breaks aren't really long enough to accommodate a litterbox scoop, surprisingly, but I'm doing the best I can. I may get the gold, unless the judge from Cat-atonia isn't sufficiently impressed.

Special seating area for the judges.


Dave E. said…
"judge from Cat-atonia"


A very minor downside to the demise of the Berlin Wall was the loss of all the "East German judge" jokes. My nephew made a nice catch last time he was in town and I said "That gets a ten even from the East German judge". He looked at me like I was from another planet, of course. He was even skeptical when I explained it to him, like I was pulling his leg. Oh well.
Kate P said…
I guess it is becoming a dated reference! Well, I was in grade school when Reagan was in office. It is interesting to see the next generation (now leading into the one after that) accustomed to living in a world that has far less communism--although maybe where the games are being hosted this year will open the eyes of some people.
nightfly said…
eest jerman kitteh
gives post 7.6
not enuf preskool jimnists
Kate P said…

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