Home Again

A wee bit tired from not sleeping well in a bed that wasn't my own (6 a.m. seagull fight didn't help!), sitting in shore traffic*, changing my clothes/feeding the cat, running out the door to cantor Mass, having dinner with my parents, and buying those $#%@& books for class--and that was just today.

But I had a lovely time down the shore. Including one hysterical moment where my cousin (he's 25 and rather outspoken) declared that the one guy covering the track & field events (Tom something? He's also a football commentator, I think?) scared him. . . and right then Tom Whatever appeared on the screen, leaning eerily close to the other commentator (the former Olympic runner) as he spoke, like some sort of creepy child molester! Aaaah! I thought we all were going to die laughing.

*O.K., I should have left earlier to get ahead of the people checking in/out of rentals, but my cousin (the 25-year-old's mom) didn't want me to leave. What can I say? I'm good company! I bring bagels and contribute snarky Olympic comments!


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