"Woo Hoo!"

My yoga teacher was extra-happy this morning. Every week she has a different theme for the class (e.g. dance, letting go), and this week it was "celebrate." She said the "Woo hoo!" started in her Thursday class, and she couldn't get it out of her head.

Now I can't, either. As in. . .

"This is an awesome parking space--woo hoo!"

"I just returned a bunch of shirts to the Gap and got a tank top on clearance--woo hoo!"

"My laundry's dry already--woo hoo!"

I suppose there are worse things.


Lindsay said…
I think it's fun. :o)
Lizzie said…
I love it! There are so many little things we forget to be thankful for. Woo hoo! is a good reminder! :)
Kate P said…
Lindsay--yeah, it's hard to say it without a sense of fun, isn't it?

Lizzie--hey there, new mom! Hmmm, that's not a bad idea to interpet "woo-hoo" as a grateful gesture. I like it.

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