If I Had to Do This Day Over. . .

I would have. . .

1. Taken the entire morning off when I discovered my car wouldn't start this morning (first time ever, in six years! Yay Subaru! But boo having to stay late tomorrow when it should be a "get out early" day).

2. Waited inside for the AAA guy and watched TV or something, because he showed up almost an hour later than they'd said (only I wasn't sure he would call to say he was on his way, so I waited outside with the car, and it got hot out there).

3. Put my lunch back in the freezer and retrieved it when the car had a new battery and was running again, with new battery (only I was afraid to turn it off and not be able to restart it after the AAA guy had left).

4. Paid for my soda and breakfast bar at the Wawa by my office with a five instead of my last two singles, so I had to borrow one when I needed water from the office vending machine (the tap water is lethal).

5. Called up the young punks who usually fix my car and ask them why the #$!&^ they didn't clean my car's battery properly so that replacement of the battery was the only thing the guy had to do. It would've saved me some time and about $15-20.

6. Gone to bed an hour ago because this day was sooooo darn loooooong.


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